Jordan Carver Baby It's a Boy

Jordan Carver Baby Picture Original
Finally, Jordan Carver gave birth to a boy. Many many congratulation JOCA. She was patiently waiting for her son and too many things handle for a baby boy. The father of Jordan Carver's son is unknown and, She did not want to mislead in public. Many people think that who is Jordan Carver husband but, the secret is not yet gone out. Carver said on social media that we are too happy.


JOCA Morning Workout Selfie with her Baby

We had an amazing morning workout 😍😩 now it's time to cuddle and get cozy on the couch! What are you guys up to? 🦋💙 ( love his cute Armani socks from child's play clothing.#workout #homeworkout #momlife #newmom #nophotoshop 😳🙄 (source:Instagram)

JOCA Baby Bump

Jordan Carver Picture after her Pregnancy.

Jordan Carver also said that she lost 22-pound weight after baby born. The shock news is that Jordan Carver breasts reduce forever after her baby delivery. However, the JOCA baby born picture and her son photos now circulate on the internet. We'll update you soon with more fresh and real news.

See Jordan Carver Son Images and Video.

Jordan Carver on Mother's Day 2017.

Mother's Day 2017

Dear Baby,

This is my first Mother’s Day.

The day you came into this world, the very first moment I had you on my chest, it was all about you and me. It was my bare chest that you needed. It was my heart beating that helped regulate yours.
I remember I cried. Tears of joy and pure love. I will never forget this magical moment.
Our first few weeks together it was my body that sustained you. 
It was my milk that kept you growing, ounce by ounce. Pound by pound. 
It was still about you and me.

Soon, you started to take a bottle, and my mother got to feed you. But it was me who spent every waking moment with you. It was me who slept every night by your side. 
It was me who was there with you at 3 a.m. when the world was dark and everyone else was asleep. You and me.
It was me who noticed the slightest of changes. It was you and me.

Soon, you won't need me to carry you. You'll start to crawl, then walk, then run. 
When I'll try to hold you tight, you'll wriggle free. Soon, you won't need me to change your diapers. You won't need me to dress you. You'll want to pick out your own clothes. You won't need me to feed you….

I only have so much longer when it's still really just you and me. 
In no time, your life will be filled with family, friends, classmates, teachers, and confidantes.

So this Mother's Day, our first Mother's Day, I'm not going to sleep in, however much I could use the rest. I'm going to be right here, holding you tight. Just you and me. 🦋💙









Finally, Jordan Carver gave birth to a boy. Many people think that who is Jordan Carver husband.

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