Jordan Carver Husband | Jordan Carver Married?


Jordan Carver Pregnancy Day

When Jordan Carver pregnant the question raised from the public is that ' who is the Jordan Carver husband?' , 'is she married?', 'About Boyfriend,' Etc. The Fact is Jordan Carver man is unknown and Carver id hiding the reality. Some information is that she had a boyfriend and his name is David Baldwin. Baldwin is 43-year-old American actor, and Jordan is 30-year-old. A few month ago they broke up (divorce). Afterall, Carver is very happy for her pregnancy, and she always wanted that, and it's a boy. 

You may found on the internet that her spouse is David Sebastian but, that's not true and the fact is, she is not married and still single. She has never been told about her men. And if you've heard any fact or news about JOCA men, then comment below.

Who is Jordan Carver husband? About JOCA husband. Is Carver married? Unknown fact about JC husband.

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